Do you want to rent a surfboard? Do you want to improve your surfing skills? Or you always wanted to try windsurfing but something always held you back or you lacked the courage to try?
Well, your time has come! Our team will not only sets you on the the right path to become a windsurfer, but with their helpfulness and fun attitude will give you an unforgettable experiences!
Get in the car and head to the Zamárdi Surf School! The Windsurfcenter team guarantees you good experience and a lot of fun!


Our huge selection of surfboards enables a great surfing experience for all ages, while our wide range of different sails guarantees the optimal choice for any wind conditions.
We also have a wide range of sups and paddles if you are looking for something different than windsurfing. We prioritize safety when having fun, so life jackets are mandatory for everyone whether it’s windsurfing or supping. We have all sizes available, so any age or size – even the small ones – will be safe).


1 hour

5000/8000 HUF

It is just enough to give you a taste in the basics in theory and practice, but you can gauge your skills and decide if you would like to continue.

5 hours

20000/35000 HUF

Mastering the theory and practice, getting to know the basic maneuvers on the simulator and on water as well.

10 hours

35000/60000 HUF

Learning the full material of the Basic Surfer’s Course of VÖWS, the Association of Windsurf Schools of Austria. This comprises of the main maneuvers on water, understanding the theory behind sailing, assembling your own equipment, handling emergency situations, understanding weather.

After finishing the 10 hours course you can enroll on the exam for the Basic Surfer’s Certificate of VÖWS, which is accepted and valid in whole Europe. This certificate can be used if you want to surf on seas or oceans. Exam fee: 5800,- HUF. We can give discount for large groups (more that 3 person)!


1 hour

3000,- HUF

2 hours

5000,- HUF

5 hours

12000,- HUF

10 hours

20000,- HUF


The surf school is located in the center of the free beach of Zamardi
Info: +3670 600 82 08, info@zamardisurf.hu , zamardisurf@gmail.com

Opened from: 2018 junius 15


Zamárdi is directly at the motorway M7, the south train route crosses Zamardi and the Tihany-Szántód fare is also nearby.